Hopefully this will explain everything you need to know about including a ring warming in your wedding ceremony.

This beautiful ritual is also known as the Blessing of the Rings.  Your wedding rings are passed around your chosen guests and warmed with their love, blessings and positive energy.  When the rings are returned to the Best Man in time for the ring exchange, they contain something very powerful and very precious; the love and blessings from those whom you love.  

Who can take part in a Ring Warming Ceremony?

This is entirely up to you !  You may choose to include close family, such as parents and grandparents or you may choose to include the whole congregation, this would require some careful planning if you have a large amount of guests!  

Keeping your wedding rings safe!

It is also very important that the rings are kept safe, by placing them in a carefully tied personalised ring warming bag, organza bag or a tactile container, such as a shell, is a good way to do just that. You may choose to tie them with a ribbon, but when passing through 100 guests a ribbon can come undone; we don’t want them being dropped and lost! Trust me, it has been known to happen!  It is also important to task a someone with being in charge of the rings and ensuring everything runs smoothly during the ceremony, allowing the rings to arrive safely back to the ceremony area in time for the ring exchange.

How does a Ring Warming Ceremony work?

If you have chosen to include a few select guests, just before the exchange of rings, we will invite them to join us and form a circle in the ceremony area and your wedding  rings will be passed between them, receiving their love and blessings along the way.

Alternatively, if you would like all of your guests to be included, you may wish to set up a table at the entrance to your ceremony inviting your guests to warm the rings with their love and blessings as they enter.  Someone should be tasked with standing by the table to ensure the rings are kept safe!

Some couples prefer the warming of the wedding rings to involve all their guests during the ceremony,  this takes careful planning but it is entirely possible.  With a congregation of approximately 100 guests it is important that your Celebrant explains in their “Welcome” what is going to happen and that when the rings reach them, they should hold them for a few seconds, warm them with their love and blessings and then pass them on to continue their journey.  

With a large congregation, I recommend tasking two Groomsmen with ensuring that the rings are kept moving along the rows, starting at the back and gradually making their way to the front of the ceremony area, so they arrive back with the Best Man in time for the ring exchange!  At various points during the ceremony, I ask where the rings are and ask whoever is holding them to hold them up in the air, this way we can keep a track of their journey.

Ring Warming wording example

“During the ceremony, Bride and Groom will exchange rings as a physical symbol of the vows they are making to one another.   As this ceremony proceeds, we invite you all to take part in the warming of the wedding rings.  When the rings reach you, please hold them for a few seconds, warm them with your love and make a silent wish for Bride and Groom and their future together.  

When these rings come back they will contain, in their precious metal, something very special; your love, blessings, hope and pledge of support for their union and their future together.”

It’s your day, do it your way! Perfect Words make perfect memories

Nikki Wood xx