How can I book a ceremony with you?

The first thing is to either complete the contact form on the website, or phone or email. We can then arrange a meeting face to face or set up a Skype or video call to discuss your requirements and preferred date.

Is a Celebrant-led marriage legal?

In England a Celebrant-led ceremony is not a legal marriage, however, many couples choose to separate the legal registration of marriage from their wedding ceremony, this allows them to have a ceremony that is unique to them. The legal marriage involves a short civil ceremony at a Registry Office where you will make your declarations in front of two witnesses and receive a marriage contract; most couples complete this before their wedding celebration. Make sure you book a “no frills” service where you can wear casual clothes and there is no requirement for exchanging vows and rings. Please liaise directly with the Registration Office for availability.

What's the difference between a Celebrant and a Registrar?

Registrars are employed by the local authority and are authorised to conduct legally binding marriage and civil partnership ceremonies. They are also responsible for the administration of registering births, marriages and deaths. Celebrants are self-employed and conduct non-legally binding celebration ceremonies.

The most important difference is that you will have a ceremony that is unique and personal to you, getting to know you in advance and working closely with you on the script; a registrar will usually use a standard script and it is unlikely you would meet them before the ceremony day itself.

Can I include any religious or spiritual content in my ceremony?
Yes, you can, the beauty of having a celebrant-led ceremony is that you can balance religious, spiritual and secular content should you so desire. You both may want to include music with religious content or come from different religious backgrounds and you want your ceremony to acknowledge this. We can work together on the script and the choices of readings, music or family traditions to get the right balance.
Will a celebrant wedding feel 'less real' because it is not legally recognised?

Definitely not, Celebrant-led weddings are becoming increasingly popular as people want a service that is personal to them and truly reflects them as a couple. The legal part involves the important process of signing a register and confirming your willing commitment in front of two witnesses. The ceremony itself is what makes your wedding so special.

How does a marriage and a civil partnership differ?

Civil partnerships were introduced in 2005 to provide same-sex couples with an alternative to marriage. A civil partnership entitles the couple to similar (but not the same) legal rights as a marriage. However, since 2014 same-sex couples have been able to marry and the UK Government is currently considering whether to offer the civil partnership option to heterosexual couples as well, or whether to phase out civil partnerships altogether. You can find more detailed information regarding the legal differences between the two types of unions on the Citizens Advice Bureau website.

With both wedding and civil partnership celebration ceremonies, you would need to make arrangements to legally register the union at a Registry Office.

How do we choose readings and music for our ceremony?
I can help you; I have a large selection of resources including readings, poems and music should you need inspiration.
Can we write our own vows?

Absolutely, many couples choose to do this, it adds a real sense of meaning to the ceremony. I can provide you with resources to assist you and of course, I am more than happy to help or make suggestions and give you inspiration.

I would ask that you provide me with copies of your vows so I can include them in the script and print copies onto card for you to read during the ceremony. If you wish, the vows would be left out of the draft script so that they remain a surprise for the day.

Are there any extra features or symbolic actions we can add to the ceremony?

Yes, there are a number of mini ceremonies that can be included such as lighting a unity candle, pouring sand together, joining of hands (hand-fasting), a sprinkling of petals (lovely in a naming ceremony) or sharing a drink, perhaps your favourite wine/cocktail? Whatever you would like included is possible and is a lovely way to enhance your ceremony. There are some ceremonies that are included in my fee, please refer to Special Ceremony Rituals/Mini Ceremonies for more information.

How do I secure my booking?

Once we have had our initial meeting, within 24 hours I will email you an outline of what we have discussed, together with a booking form and supporting documentation. Once these documents have been signed and returned, they will form the Professional Agreement between us. I will pencil in your requested date and this will be kept available to you for 7 days.

To secure and guarantee your booking please do the following:

  1. Within 7 days of our meeting, pay a 50% non-refundable deposit using bank details provided in my covering email.
  2. Sign and return the booking form and supporting documentation to me by email or post.

This date is then kept solely for you.

The remainder of the fee is payable using the bank details provided 8 weeks prior to the ceremony

Is your service confidential?
Most definitely, my client’s privacy is of paramount importance to me, I will always treat my clients with the utmost respect.  Information, photographs and testimonials are only shared on my website and social media with your prior written permission.
Perfect Words Ceremonies would like to keep in touch with you. To comply with the new GDPR data protection regulations, you will be asked to complete a GDPR form to confirm that you are happy for Perfect Words Ceremonies to communicate with you and hold your contact details and your preferred method of contact. This form will be included in the booking form supporting documentation.
Are you insured?

Yes, I am covered by £5m public liability insurance and £1m professional indemnity insurance through the Association of Independent Celebrants.

Your right to cancel

You have the right to cancel the contract without giving a reason within 14 days of entering into the contract with me. Full terms and conditions of cancellation will be in the Cancellation of Ceremony document supporting the Booking Form.

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