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The Rose Ceremony is a beautiful, romantic and visual addition to your wedding ceremony to symbolise love and the bringing together of two families.  The rose has always been the flower associated with love and a single rose says the words “I love you”.

There are many different ways the Rose Ceremony can be performed which can involve the couple exchanging a gift of a rose to each other; their first gift as husband and wife, or you may decide to also include your guests in the rose ceremony.

One of my couples, Dominique and Henil decided to include both of these elements in their beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony last July.  Family is extremely important to them and they wanted to honour the special relationship they have with both their families by inviting thirty-two female family members to take part.

Asian Celebrant Wedding Ceremony Nikki Wood

A Rose Ceremony typically takes place towards the end of a wedding ceremony, so once Dominique and Henil had exchanged their wedding vows and their wedding rings, I announced them as husband and wife and it was then time for their stunning Rose Ceremony to take place.

Asian Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

Dominique and Henil made their way to the ceremony table which had been set up with a large central vase and two smaller vases on either side in which, two long stemmed red roses had been placed.  Two bouquets of yellow and orange long stemmed roses were also placed on either side of the table.

How to perform a Rose Ceremony

I then invited the special ladies in Dominique and Henil’s lives to join them; Dominique’s family stood on the Bride’s side of the aisle and Henil’s family lined the Groom’s side of the aisle, the stunning vista of beautiful, colourful dresses and sarees was a sight to behold.

The Rose Ceremony to involve wedding guests

Dominique and Henil then collected the bouquets of roses from the ceremony table and proceeded to make their way down the aisle giving each family member a gift of a single rose as a symbol of their love.  Dominique gave Henil’s family orange roses, a colour that represents energy and enthusiasm and Henil presented each of Dominique’s family with a yellow rose, a symbol of joy and friendship.  It was a beautiful, emotional and happy moment, with an abundance of hugs and lots of smiles.

A beautiful asian bride giving guests a rose
Handsome Asian Groom performing a rose ceremony
The Rose Ceremony in an Asian Wedding
Asian Wedding The Rose Ceremony

The guests were then invited to make their way in pairs to the ceremony table where they placed their roses into the central vase, giving their wishes and hopes and love for the couple.  All thirty-two roses were carefully placed resulting in a stunning display and a beautiful visual representation of the joining together of Dominique and Henil’s two families and a wonderful keepsake of a very special day.   

Asian Celebrant Wedding Rose Ceremony
Asian Celebrant Wedding Rose Ceremony
Asian Civil Celebrant Wedding
Asian civil wedding celebrant rose ceremony

Dominique and Henil then proceeded to exchange their single red roses, the gift of true love and then placed their roses into the central vase as a symbol of their unity as a couple and with both of their families.

Beautiful Asian couple civil celebrant wedding ceremony rose ceremony

I asked Dominique and Henil to always identify a special place in their home for roses, so that if ever they hit difficult times in their relationship and cannot find the right words, they should leave a rose in that special place for the other to find.  The rose will say the words “I still love you” and will remind them both of the love and hope that they have shared on their wedding day.

Beautiful Asian Couple Civil Celebrant Wedding

Many of the guests had never experienced a Celebrant-led ceremony before and absolutely loved how beautiful and personal it was and everyone thought the Rose Ceremony made it incredibly special, here are some lovely words from my couple:-

“Nikki made our ceremony truly amazing; it was the best day and the best ceremony we could have hoped for! We were blown away by the amount of people that came up to us and said it was the “best wedding that had witnessed”. So many of our guests asked us for her details, which we have more than happily passed on, and they all complimented how personal she made the ceremony and how it stood out from other wedding ceremonies. It was the perfect time and setting to reminisce about how we got together – the Rose Ceremony was a great addition, that was the part which guests really enjoyed.  Thank you for all your guidance and help in the lead up to the wedding, it was invaluable to making the day so special and really helped settle our nerves! We found the questionnaire really facilitated conversations between us about our past, present and future, conversations that we might not have had otherwise. Thank you again! Henil and Dominique.”

Beautiful Asian Couple Civil Celebrant Wedding

If you would like to find out more about how wonderfully romantic, unique and beautiful a Celebrant Wedding ceremony can be, then please get in touch for a relaxed chat, it would be fantastic to hear from you.

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With special thanks to Dominique and Henil’s talented photographer R&B Photos for capturing the ceremony so beautifully and allowing me to share his work.