It is highly likely that the size of group gatherings will be limited in the UK for some time to come until the Government advises that it is safe for restrictions to be lifted and small and micro weddings are likely to become increasingly popular. So what is the difference between the size of a micro wedding and small wedding?  There are various schools of thought on this question and there is no hard and fast rule, both are typically for between 5 and 50 guests although a micro wedding is often considered to have fewer than 20 guests.  A medium sized wedding typically has between 50-150 guests.

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An elopement is even smaller and often more secretive with typically only the couple, their two witnesses, an officiant and maybe a photographer.  A Celebrant elopement can be even more intimate having no requirement for witnesses. 

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Why are small weddings popular?

A wedding on a smaller scale most definitely has its benefits; even before the global pandemic, micro weddings have been growing in popularity and there are a number of reasons for this.  Many couples are looking for a more relaxed and intimate celebration of their love and commitment to each other with family and friends, whilst still being able to keep all the special and perhaps traditional elements of a larger wedding but on smaller, cheaper and less stressful scale.

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Smaller numbers can also make it easier to implement social distancing measures, if required, this is definitely worth considering when you choose your venue.  Wedding venues will undoubtedly be doing everything they can to ensure that your wedding can go ahead whilst adhering to Government guidelines.

Social Distancing at Weddings
How to live stream your wedding

Save money or splash out?

Scaling back the number of guests does not mean having to compromise on atmosphere and style.  You can still have the wedding of your dreams, however, smaller numbers allows you to save money on food and drink and all the other additional costs often associated with a wedding; favours, decorations, flowers etc.  

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A small or micro wedding also frees up the budget, allowing you to really go to town and make the whole celebration an amazing luxury experience for you and your guests if you wish.

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Choosing your wedding venue

A smaller number of guests expands the venue options available to you, you can now consider a full range of wedding venues including the smaller, more intimate establishments.  Some of the larger venues may also consider offering weddings on a smaller scale to comply with Government restrictions.  

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Many couples are also now keen to explore the idea of an outdoor wedding so it is worth discussing with venues the options they have available for an outdoor ceremony and whether they are also able and willing to accommodate an outdoor wedding Reception.   If you have a larger dream wedding venue in mind, it is certainly worth making contact with them to discuss the possibilities available to you.

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Unlike many overseas destinations we are unable to have complete confidence in the UK weather.  Although, in the summer months, there is more chance of the sun making an appearance, it is highly advisable to have a back-up plan by ensuring that an indoor or undercover option is available in the event the weather is not so favourable!  

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If a venue does not have an outside licensed area, it is worth considering the option of a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony.   By completing the legal element at a Register Office either before or after your special day, this allows you to have a beautiful and unique Celebrant ceremony, written for you, which can be held in the location of your choice, perhaps making the most of your venue’s lovely gardens or views. 

This is also a great option if a Registrar is not available or taking bookings for your preferred ceremony date or time. 

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Smaller numbers also makes the possibility of a DIY wedding more appealing; you could consider holding your wedding in a family garden, a woodland or a field, there are so many wonderful options available to you, allowing you the versatility and freedom to create a truly bespoke experience for any size of ceremony. 

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There are also a number of beautiful venues that offer land for hire, allowing you plenty of time to prepare for your big day.  Refer to the venues section on my website for a wonderful selection of venues in Surrey, Sussex and Kent. 

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What is the format of a small or micro wedding?

Your wedding can take any format you like; it can be as traditional or as relaxed and informal as you wish.  You may decide to hold your wedding ceremony at a place of worship, or book a Registrar to attend at a licensed venue.

It is also worth exploring the option of an intimate tailor-made Celebrant ceremony; sharing your story and declaring your love and commitment to each other in the presence of those dearest to you is particularly special and meaningful.   There are also a number of beautiful symbolic ceremonies that you might consider which could involve members of the wedding party, your children or all of your guests. 

Involving Children in your Wedding

It is entirely up to you whether you include all the traditional elements of a larger wedding reception such as the formal cutting of the wedding cake, the throwing of the brides bouquet, the confetti shot and the first dance.  There are no rules and no pressure so you can create your dream wedding day that reflects your style and vision.  

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With fewer mouths to feed, you will most probably need to scale back on the size of your wedding cake.  Here are some beautiful designs created for smaller, more intimate weddings by Delicious Pink Cakery.

Ideas for small wedding cakes
Beautiful Pink Small Wedding Cake

More time …

The most wonderful part of a smaller wedding is that you have more time … more time with your family and close friends, more time to enjoy the food and drink, more time to relax and soak up the amazing atmosphere, more time to enjoy the entertainment and most importantly, more time for each other.

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If you would like to find out more about how wonderfully romantic, unique and beautiful a Celebrant Wedding ceremony can be, then please get in touch for a relaxed chat, it would be fantastic to hear from you.

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