Engagement season is fast approaching, in fact nearly half of engagements happen between 20th December and 14th February! With the enchanting atmosphere full of magic and excitement, it is no surprise that many partners feel this is the perfect time to pop the question!

You may have already planned your surprise proposal in the minutest of detail, or you may be looking for some inspiration so that you can share the perfect story with family and friends? Here are some wonderful ideas that will make the moment one to treasure, ranging from the romantic proposal to the fun and quirky!

A Christmas Tree Decoration

The decorating of the Christmas tree together is always a big part of the celebrations, so secretly adding a bauble that says “Marry Me” to the decorations for your partner to find when choosing the next decoration to hang, is a wonderful way to take them by surprise. Or perhaps you could hang a “Marry Me” decoration on the tree or add the engagement ring to the fairy or star on top of the tree and see how long it takes for your partner to spot it?

Image Credit | Kiddiwinkle Gifts

Advent Calendar

With some careful planning and with a bit of work, this will be a moment your partner will always remember. Days 1-23 contain a special little gift every day and in the last one, number 24 is the engagement ring.

Image Credit | Little Stuff, homezone-wooden-advent-calendar-village on Etsy

Make your own Christmas Cracker!

There are many DIY cracker kits available on the high street, so how about making your own and hiding the engagement ring inside one of them and instead of a joke you could write some beautifully romantic words? You don’t want the proposal cracker ending up with the wrong person so some careful planning is essential to ensure your partner is sitting next to you and ends up with the correct cracker!

A box in a box in a box!

This is a fun idea if you are a bit of a tease! Wrap up a number of boxes that will all fit inside each other in decreasing sizes, each box is wrapped up beautifully with the outer huge box adorned with ribbons and bows. Your partner will be so excited to think they’ve got a huge present and then even more excited as they discover inside each box is another smaller box …. Until they get to the ring box! Then they will be off the scale excited!

Elf on the Shelf

Over recent years the cheeky little elf has made his way from America over to the UK, so why not make the most of his naughty antics with assisting you in your proposal? Each day of advent, hide him around your home in various mischievous places and poses until on Christmas day when you have positioned your Elf on one knee in the proposal position, holding the engagement ring with a note saying “Will you marry me?” Elf will be forgiven for all the trouble he has caused!

Under The Christmas Lights

How wonderfully festive and romantic to suggest to your partner that you visit some beautiful Christmas lights to get in the festive mood. A little bit of forward planning will be needed so that once you are there you can easily locate the biggest most extravagant, beautiful Christmas tree for your proposal, if you can arrange for a photographer to be there to capture the moment, you’ll have a fantastic backdrop!

At a Christmas market

You can’t get more festive that strolling around a Christmas market with the smell of mulled wine, gingerbread and pine cones! There are many lovely Christmas markets in the UK and across Europe which you could visit on a day trip, or a romantic weekend away. Whenever you smell mulled wine, gingerbread and pine cones, you will remember that special moment.

A Woodland Walk

A walk through the woods, wrapped up warm is especially romantic if it is frosty or snow is underfoot or if the winter sun is breaking through the foliage. This can be as simple or as carefully planned as you wish; you may just come to a secluded spot and think “this is it”! Or you may wish to do some forward planning and prepare some battery candles or battery operated fairy lights to give a romantic atmosphere, it is best to choose secluded woodland for this.

The Family Pet

For many couples their furry friend is so much a part of the family that it makes sense to enlist their help in the proposal. The ring can be tied around their neck with a ribbon, or he may be carrying a sign saying “Will you marry my Daddy?” Whatever you choose, it will be super cute!

Have an amazing New Year’s Eve celebration!

Make it a New Year’s Eve to remember; when the clock strikes twelve get down on one knee and pop the question, then get that champagne flowing, what a fantastic way to welcome in the New Year?!

It’s your day, do it your way …. Perfect Words, make perfect memories!

Nikki Wood xx